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The aviation industry in Poland has not only a long-standing tradition, but also is one of the most innovative sectors in the Polish economy.  It is proved by the research on innovative companies in Poland that is conducted by MSN Research Network and the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences since 2004. The results are collected and published in "Report on Innovativeness of the Aviation Sector in Poland" that was presented at a conference held on 10.13.2011 at the Institute of Aviation. On the website you will find information about the conference and on-line version of the report.

We also encourage you to read the list and information about the most innovative companies in the aviation sector, and of course we welcome to attend the next conference that is planned in 2013.

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About report

Raport o innowacyjności sektora lotniczego w Polsce w 2010 roku

One of the conference events is the premier of book
"Report on Innovativeness of the Aviation Sector in Poland in 2010" edited by Tadeusz Baczko.

Publication provides a valuable summary of the events that occurred in the Polish Aviation in the past year. The report presents a multifaceted approach to discussed topic.It indicates both positive and negative aspects of Polish Aviation.

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Instytut Nauk Ekonomicznych Polskiej Akademii Nauk


In 2010 the aviation sector in Poland has introduced many innovative solutions.
Which new values ​​have been achieved using a novel approach? Are the objectives been achieved?



Technology race and development of new technologies determine the development of all sectors of industry. See how technical innovations influenced the Polish Aviation in 2010.



Research conducted around the world improve the functioning of the aviation sector. Judge yourself whether the scientific achievements of the past year have allowed Polish Aviation to reach next level in 2010.


Next conference
will be held in
Fall 2013

We welcome you to attend the conference. Deadline for sumbiting articles to the “Report on Innovativeness of the Aviation Sector in Poland in 2012” is Spring 2013