EC Engineering Sp. z o.o.

Assessment with 5A System: CNNNC

Place on the List of aviation sector: 54

Place on the 500’2009 List: not listed

Established in: 2005

Company size: medium

Address: 31–476 Kraków, 34 Lublańska Str.Zobacz na mapie

Voivodship: Lesser Poland

Type of business: research activity

Description of business activity: The company EC Engineering Sp. z o.o. is one of the best developing design office in Poland and holds the status of Research–Development Centre. Its specialty is designing of such vehicles as electric and diesel heavy locomotives, super fast trains, rail buses, subway trains and cars and electric traction units. The company also supplies design services for other industries, including motor, engineering and aviation industry.

Shareholders:: ENERGOCONTROL Sp. z o.o. – 75,0%, Ireneusz Łuczak – 25,0%

Financial data (thousand PLN)
2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Net revenues from sales 4 217 5 939 7 335 7 239
Net financial result
252 401 431
Capitalized value of R&D expenses
Intangible assets 135 500 261
Total assets 975 2 862 2 401
Equity 429 964 1 595

Description of innovative activity: According to the 5A System, the company level of market innovation is very highly rated. The ability of financing acquisition of innovative project, which is highly rated. The company assessment with 5A System is CNNNC.

Company status: innovative company, member of the Aviation Valley

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