ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries Sp. z o.o.

ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries Ltd.

Assessment with 5A System: NCNNN

Place on the List of aviation sector: 97

Place on the 500’2009 List: not listed

Established in: 1991

Address: 02–256 Warszawa, 110/114 Al. Krakowska Str.Zobacz na mapie

Voivodship: Mazovian

Type of business: suppliers and subcontractors

Description of business activity: ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries Sp. z o.o. is specialized in designing and construction of simulator of different types and training devices. Among them there are aircraft simulators (one simulator has been made for the MIG- 21bis fighter) and locomotives (a complex simulator of the EP09 locomotive for the Polish National Railways has been made). The company makes modernization and implementation of simulators and it works out and upgrades software of the devices.

Shareholders:: ENVIRONMENTAL TECTONICS CORPORATION (Stany Zjednoczone) – 95,0%, PZL-Okęcie – 5,0%

Financial data (thousand PLN)
2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Net revenues from sales 6 887 9 828 6 451
Net financial result
-461 133 184
Capitalized value of R&D expenses
Intangible assets 81 3 660 8 790
Total assets 3 680 8 670 19 466
Equity 2 762 2 402 2 587

Description of innovative activity: According to the 5A System, the company level of process innovation is highly rated. The company assessment with 5A System is NCNNN.

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