METALTON G.Olchawski Sp. j.

Assessment with 5A System: CNNNC

Place on the List of aviation sector: 64

Place on the 500’2009 List: not listed

Established in: 2003

Company size: medium

Address: 24–320 Poniatowa, 31 Przemysłowa Str.Zobacz na mapie

Voivodship: Lublin

Type of business: suppliers and subcontractors

Description of business activity: The METALTON G. Olchawski Sp.j. company was founded in 2000 on the ground of the former EDA S.A. electromechanical works. The company is specialized in designing and manufacturing of tools and metal components. It also manufactures spare parts for the products already made. The company has a modern and flexible machinery, as well as a design office, which is based on the CAD/CAM systems.

Shareholders:: Grzegorz Olchawski – 50,0%, Dorota Furtak – 50,0%

Financial data (thousand PLN)
2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Net revenues from sales 11 708 14 661 13 587 7 337 3 932
Net financial result
Capitalized value of R&D expenses
Intangible assets
Total assets

Description of innovative activity: According to the 5A System, the company level of market innovation as well as that of financing acquisition for innovative projects is highly rated. The company assessment with 5A System is CNNNC.

Company status: member of the Aviation Valley

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