Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze Nr 1 S.A.

Military Aviation Works No. 1

Assessment with 5A System: CNNNN

Place on the List of aviation sector: 72

Place on the 500’2009 List: not listed


Established in: 1944

Company size: large

Address: 93–465 Łódź, 119 Dubois Str.Zobacz na mapie

Voivodship: Lodz

Type of business: repair and maintenenance of aircraft

Description of business activity: Military Aviation Works No 1 in Łódź is one of the leading aviation companies with over 60 years of tradition. The company secured its position on the local, domestic and international market owing to its untypical activity covering overhauls, maintenance and modernization of Mi-2, Mi-8, Mi-14, Mi-17, Mi-24, as well as Kaman SH-2G helicopters. MAValso specializes in services in the range of galvanic coating, metrology and machining.

Shareholders:: Skarb Państwa – 100,0%

Financial data (thousand PLN)
2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Net revenues from sales 684 405 893 174 126 167
Net financial result
98 702 10 117 15 037
Capitalized value of R&D expenses
Intangible assets
Total assets 70 029 130 072 104 436
Equity 31 767 39 046 519 445

Description of innovative activity: According to the 5A System, the company level of market innovation is highly rated. The company assessment with 5A System is CNNNN.

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